I'm Woodelle. Female. Sixteen. My interests include cats, classic rock, herbal tea, drawing, blogging, babies, stars, cuddling, my brothers, and cartoons. Some of my posts may be triggering and I apologize for that. HMU if you wanna talk. c:

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Not enough hearts if you ask me
My teachers are kinda peeved that I draw on all my assignments

Friendly reminder that Jared Padalecki is made of actual rainbows and sunshine.

this is my favorite song

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This little guy came into my life last night. Reddit, meet Wasabi

u cant sit with us


I would enjoy school more if it was acceptable to bring a blanket

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And when I see her
I’ll tell her what’s been on my mind
all these sleepless nights.
She’ll recite her excuses
Put my tail between these legs of mine
like I do all the time.


This isn’t who I am.

From confidence to self doubt in 60 seconds. 

Storming stages and stereos from here to there, 

trying to prove that I belong. 

Trying to win approval from people that I don’t know. 

mmm lemme tel you how i feel dad
i hate security cameras
The Moon